Review of Sam's Club Mastercard in 2022

Aug 02, 2022 By Triston Martin

With the Sam's Club Mastercard, you can earn rewards on purchases like petrol, eating, and takeaway while still earning membership benefits. If you want to use this card at Sam's Club and get your cash back benefits, you'll need to join the club, which is required even if the card has no annual fee.

The Sam's Club Mastercard Overview

Unless filling up their gas tanks is a higher expenditure than feeding their families, bulk purchasers interested in the possible incentives and perks of the Sam's Club Mastercard may be disappointed.

It's also fantastic to get cash back for meals. Customers who use their Sam's Club Mastercard and their Sam's Club Plus membership to pay for their purchases in-store or online will receive 3% back from Sam's Club and an additional 2% back from Sam's Club Plus, totaling up to 5% back on qualifying purchases.

Membership Rewards at Sam's Club

Earning Reward

As an added perk, Sam's Club Mastercard holders will receive five percent cash back on petrol purchases made anywhere, three percent on eating and takeaway, three percent on qualifying items made at the Sam's Club Plus warehouse, and one percent on all other transactions. The reward percentage on Sam's Club purchases lowers to 1% when you have a regular Sam's Club membership.


The Sam's Club card rewards may only be redeemed once a year in February. You must be a member and have a credit card to cash in on your rewards. You may only use the profits to pay for Sam's purchase at the register or, in-store or online. A bank account deposit is not permitted.

Potentially Profitable

Data from several government organizations was utilized by Forbes Advisor to calculate averages for critical categories of household income and expenditure. Workers in the 70th percentile make $107,908 annually and spend $32,072 on credit cards.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks?


One of the most acceptable gas reward rates is the 5 percent cash back it offers. Affordability is further enhanced by the lack of an annual charge and any costs associated with international transactions. The first $30 you spend at Sam's Club in the next 30 days will be credited to your account as a statement credit.


Because the benefits must be redeemed in-store for actual cash back for non-store purchases, many cardholders may find the rewards program to be prohibitively cumbersome. Without a Sam's Club Plus membership, there are no additional perks to shopping at Sam's Club. Membership in Sam's Club is necessary, which reduces your benefits.

Offers For New Customers

The Sam's Club credit card is no exception to the rule regarding retail credit cards. Open a new account with Sam's Club and spend $30 in the first 30 days to get a $30 bill credit. It is not a bad offer, but we have seen better shop cards that give you $30 in free products from Sam's Club.

Rate Of Return

Comparatively speaking, the Sam's Club Mastercard's cash back categories are more open than the Costco card. You can only get $5,000 cashback every year, but because you'd have to spend more than $150,000 on petrol and eating to reach that threshold, it shouldn't be an issue.

How You Make Money

Using your Sam's Club credit card, you may earn 5% back on petrol purchases and 3% back on eating and takeout purchases with the card. You may earn up to 5 percent back on qualifying purchases when you use your Sam's Club Mastercard to buy in-store or online at Sam's Club, as well as an additional Two percent back from your Plus membership.

How To Get A Refund

Sam's Club delivers your cash back, and it will never expire for the duration of your shop membership. The benefits you accrue on the card are immediately deposited into your account. An added benefit of this feature is that it makes the card more appealing to a broader audience. You may use your cash points to make online and in-store purchases at Sam's Club, upgrade or renew your membership, or receive statement credits on your card.


Because there are no yearly or international transaction fees with the Sam's Club Mastercard, you won't be saddled with a lot of debt. A Sam's Club membership is necessary to apply and maintain your card, which costs $45 per year and should be recouped by spending $125 per month on dining or $75 per month on petrol.

Unfortunately, there are no zero-interest options to keep the 17.15% or 25.15% variable APR at bay. Because retail credit cards are infamous for their high-interest rates, it is a blessing that this APR is lower.

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