The Best Auto Refinance Loan Offering Companies Of 2022

Dec 07, 2021 By Triston Martin

Refinancing your auto loan is quick and straightforward, and it may save you money. Over the life of the loan, you may be able to cut your monthly payment and save even more money on interest. Refinancing becomes profitable and feasible after six to twelve months of on-time payments. The new rate you can get depends on a lot of things, like your credit history as well as credit scores. If you want to change the terms of your car loan, you'll have to find the best auto refinance loan. It's a technique to refinance your vehicle loan at a reduced interest rate and duration. You have the option of making your new loan's duration match the remaining months on your existing loan, or you may make it shorter or longer.

Top Picks for Best Auto Refinance Loan Companies

Make sure you read on to understand how to get the best results from refinancing your auto loan. If you want to pay off your loan faster, save money, or get a lower payment you can afford, read on.

1. LightStream

If you have excellent credit, you should make the most of it. Whether you've used it for years or it's the result of your efforts to pay off debts and increase your income, now is the time to shop around for a lower interest rate. LightStream is a section of SunTrust Bank, now recognized as Truist. LightStream is for people with good to excellent credit.

LightStream requires a FICO score of at least 660. When you apply, they conduct a heavy check on your credit, so you need to be prepared to make a choice. Hard inquiries can make your credit score drop slightly, but this usually isn't a big deal if you only apply for new credit a few times a year. If you want to refinance your car loan, LightStream has an APR that starts at 2.49 percent. All 50 states have refinanced auto loans.

2. RefiJet

RefiJet regularly has among of the best average annual percentage rates on the LendingTree marketplace for borrowers. If you have a FICO score of 500, you must have a $395 fee. As with the other companies on this list, RefiJet helps people find lenders in its network. In order to get a new car loan, you first need to talk with a loan consultant. They allow you through the process of getting a new car loan. RefiJet has received many customers satisfaction awards from LendingTree. It also lets you find out if you qualify for a refinance loan and if you can make no payments for the very first 2 months of your new loan.

3. LendingTree

Many people use LendingTree to find the best loan rates for things like a mortgage, a loan for personal use, a car loan, and more. Their car loan refinancing site is convenient since it allows users to compare vehicle loan rates from a variety of lenders all in one convenient location. LendingTree will enable customers to pick a new car loan term from two to seven years, allowing them to customize their new loan payment. Because LendingTree will allow you to compare rates from many different lenders, they don't have set criteria for getting a loan or having a specific type of car.

4. Autopay

It's a place where you can buy, and Autopay has a lot of different deals because it has a vast network of lenders, like credit unions, banks, as well as other financial institutions. Autopay provides various refinancing alternatives for your vehicle, including industry firsts like cash-out refinance loans &'' lease buyouts. The company also says that it will work with credit scores as minimal as 600 to help them get a reasonable rate making it one of the best auto refinance loan.

Autopay may offer lower interest rates or lower monthly payments to customers who have improved their financial situation after taking out their initial loan with Autopay. A soft credit check must be done before you can see the lender comparison. This won't hurt your score. When you choose an offer, they'll do a hard credit check, which could change the terms if there are mistakes in your income or car data.

5. PenFed Credit Union

PenFed Credit Union requires membership in order to qualify for their vehicle refinancing loans. However, becoming a member is simple, and anybody may join. Their car loan refinancing rates are also among the most competitive in the industry, and consumers may refinance automobiles with loan amounts of up to $100,000 with their company. For 36 to 84 months, you can pay back your new car loan. Older models (cars made before 2020) can only get loans that last 72 months. People who already have PenFed car loans can't refinance them with the credit union.

How We Selected the Most Reputable Auto Refinance Companies

We evaluated numerous variables while evaluating the various car refinancing providers in the market. It was essential to check the financial strength of each company first, so we made sure they could pay their debts. Then we examined their privacy policies, emphasizing transparency and security.

· Loan options

We searched for companies that provided affordable financing rates, no or little upfront fees, and vehicle limits that were flexible or fair.

· Customer service

We examined each company's CFPB or Federal Trade Commission complaints (FTC). We also checked to see if each company was clear about its partners, reinsurers, and fees.


There are a lot of banks and lenders to choose from when you want to refinance your car loan. A number of lenders distinguish themselves by offering a simple online application procedure, while others specialize in providing refinancing solutions to consumers with low credit histories. Overall, we think LightStream is the best place to get a new car loan. LightStream has some of the best rates for people who want to refinance their car loans for people who have good credit and a steady income. An easy online application procedure, no age or distance limitations, and money as soon as the next business day are just a few of its many advantages.

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